Podium Society

Any size gift can make a difference! We are grateful to all of the many people who are supporting the work of Fund for Tomorrow.

When you give $1,000 or more to ACDA’s Fund for Tomorrow, you join a very special group of people who invest in our programming for children and youth – the Podium Society. Following are the generous donors who are current members of this important group:


Tom Merrill
Peter Tiboris & Eilana Lappalainen-Tiboris


Sally K. Albrecht
Hilary Apbelstadt
Wandalyn Boley
ECS Publishing Group
Emily Holt Crocker
Sandra Willetts

Donor Recognition

Following are few of the ways we will recognize donors for their annual gifts:

  • Impresario – $10,000 and up. Permanent brick with your name on ACDA’s courtyard wall.
  • Artiste – $5,000 and up. Standing invitation to presidential receptions at the ACDA national and divisional conferences; Life membership in ACDA; public recognition list at ACDA’s national office.
  • Maestro – $1,000. Your name in a display ad in the Choral Journal; membership in the Podium Society.
  • Principal – $500-$999. Your name in a list of donors in the Choral Journal.

Smiling Girls Chorus on the Steps

Photo courtesy Canterbury Youth Choruses. Judith Willoughby, Artistic Director.